Please heed the warnings and confirm that you have read and understood them.

This product can be used by children from the age of eight and people with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities as well as people with a lack of experience or knowledge if they are supervised or have been instructed in the safe use of the product and understand the associated dangers.
Delivery media
The pump is suitable for pumping thin, pure, non-aggressive and non-explosive media without solid or long-fibre components that do not attack the pump mechanically or chemically. In heating systems, the heating water should meet the requirements of current standards that apply to water quality in heating systems (such as VDI 2035). In domestic hot water systems, the MAGNA3 should only be used for water with a degree of hardness below approx. 14 ° dH. In domestic hot water systems, it is recommended to keep the media temperature below 65 ° C to avoid the risk of limescale precipitation.
Hot surface warning
Minor or moderate personal injury. - Set up the pump so that people cannot accidentally come into contact with hot surfaces.
Change MAGNA3 sensor
WARNING: Before replacing the sensor, switch off the pump and make sure that there is no more pressure in the system!
Failure to follow these safety instructions can result in malfunctions or property damage.
Warning of dangerous electrical tension
Death or serious personal injury. - Before starting any work on the product, the power supply must be switched off. Make sure that the power supply cannot be accidentally switched on again.