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Where you have a problem with your pump, we will help to establish the cause. Enter the alarm/warning code and follow our step by step instructions.

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Grundfos offers you various services related to applicable products. Explore our services and simplify your processes.

Grundfos GO Guarantee
With applicable e-pumps Grundfos gives you additional security with a full 5-year guarantee from date of commissioning.
Grundfos GO Remote app
Control your pumps remotely and save time on data collection and reporting with the intuitive GO Remote app.
Grundfos GO Balance app
The GO Balance app will guide you through every step of hydronic balancing to make the process faster and easier than ever.


Take advantage of Grundfos GO Guarantee to manage your related e-pump inventory via MyPump.
  • You will receive important product information related to your pump to simplify managing your pump inventory.
  • Apply today for the Grundfos GO Guarantee to access these benefits
  • Trigger service requests directly
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